Wellington City

A pic of Wellington City

Bonjour, peoples! Today I thought I’d share a photo I took in Wellington, NZ’s capital, in May. It was windy, rainy and very cold. The water and lights were spectacular though, so I stood outside with my camera snapping photos.

The white haze is coming from the waterfront. This is the very bottom of the North Island, where the ferry departs to the South.

Visiting new places is always very inspiring. Arriving in Wellington I felt as if I’d been dropped into a different world. An alternate universe, almost. I had the strange feeling of not belonging there and yet blending in perfectly with all the other windswept people who rush across the roads, their heads down against the wind, eyes squinting in the rain.

It was funny to think that this city is as familiar to those who live there as my hometown is to me. I adjusted very quickly to the city noise and bustle, but still felt as if I was living somebody else’s life, in someone else’s world, and I couldn’t keep up the pretense for long. I was relieved to return home, but the images of the city are still burnt into my memory. The sounds of cars swishing over the reflections and footsteps echoing in the massive buildings I still hear when I close my eyes and remember the sharp blackness and blood-red neon of the City.

Have you ever visited a place you found inspiring, or not? A place you liked a lot, or disliked intensely? Please comment! 🙂

– Tarina of Radioactive Eyeball

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