Quick note

Hello friends just a quick post here to say my blog has been made public again after a couple of people requested access to it. Probably still won’t be posting but now you can look through all my bad poetry and old art etc at your leisure.

Will blog again when I know I can be consistent! thank you guys! (also ps check out my new banner I had an idea and couldn’t help myself)

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Studying (not)


Music always wins

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I have a drawing tablet again T_T I’ve been practising a lot so a picture like this doesn’t take all day anymore it’s great! on the other hand drawing books is fricking annoying… *death glares bookshelves*

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So I finally figured out a way to make comics again!! I’m so happy!  It takes ages to colour and shade but it can be done 😀 Here is the page I tested it on.

…and then… because I couldn’t help myself…


The doughnuts are the fault of one of my bffs (who is awesome in case you didn’t guess) and they have names. The pink one is Philip, the chocolate one is Zac and the green one is Toby n_n

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Eye Tree

eye tree

Will do a cleaner version on white paper at some point. Perhaps I can use the design for some weird T-shirts or cups! Tarina

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Getting more into on-paper art! 😀 Will endeavour to post more often now. Tarina

poem : rotting


“watch me,
this slowly rotting arrangement of flesh and bones
descends into the oblivion of the moment’s memories of future
for we have died a thousand times alone

“to wash away the ugly cancer of a twisted spirit
free it from my veins
by means of my sweet blade, permits
the red storm pass over quietly

“some say there is no other side, that
they take their secrets to the grave
buried, their disgusting shells of fat on bones and stagnated skulls
still smiling for the mourners”

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Dear followers

Hey guys, my apologies for the absence. Here’s what’s been happening!

My Mum got married, and we moved from the house we lived in for 11 years. I was at my grandparents’ for six months, then shifted another three times. I’ve been back living with my parents since July. My drawing tablet is trashed, I have very little inspiration to write, and music has been impossible to set up for the past couple of weeks – there’s simply no space. On the upside, where I am now has an internet connection and I know I’ll be able to get a job – we won’t have to move again so soon – I hope!!

As a token of my appreciation for your patience, have a picture I painstakingly drew using the touchpad of my laptop, of a lion eating somebody’s arm.



Until next time! 🙂


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City girl

kehir city

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I’m woken abruptly, blinking in the lightless room, uncurling myself from the corner sofa where I crashed out. Terrible noises. Coming from the floor below. Possibly a few floors below. The high shrieks shoot their way into my head, bringing me physical pain, and I cover my ears – a futile gesture against the permeating anguish. It strikes into me fear without reason. I want it to stop. I want it to stop.

When the screaming stops, the black dead silence seems like the worst thing in the world.


(How’s that for a bit of depressing flash fiction before bed 😉 Goodnight all! ~Ri)

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A test painting in gimp. Katya is from my November novel. The two in white behind her are Two and Fifteen.


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